Industry Tape

Engineered for entertainment industry professionals.

Industry Tape

Engineered for marine industry professionals

Industry Tape

Engineered for automotive industry professionals


No Residue

Industry Tape is a revolutionary new product,
unlike conventional adhesive tapes, it leaves
no residue. This is achieved through an
exclusive patented adhesive.


Able to remove and reapply,
no sticky mess, no loss of adhesion.
easily un-sticks from adhesive to
adhesive contact.

Element Resistant

With the combination of the carrier and adhesive,
our tape is water / moisture resistant,  weather resistant.
As well as cold and heat resistant that range
from -40ºf to 300ºf  (-22°c to 160°c)

90º tear

A two part technological advancement in tape.
The carrier, or tape back, allows for clean 90º
tear every time. Eliminating the need for scissors
or utility knife.